5th December 2013



Touch down in Germany’s capital, Berlin, the country’s cultural hub; let the art, nightlife, and architecture envelop you as your vacation commences!

Berlin is home to an exceptional amount of amazing history, culture and antiquity, and is an absolute must-visit destination. It’s one of Europe’s top city breaks, due to the wonderful array of things to do, see and experience. You can be there in no time when you fly via private jet charter.

Berlin has two private jet airports, Tegel and Schoenefeld. Both offer excellent VIP facilities and easy access to the city centre.

“And I’m Waiting at the Berlin Wall”

Possibly the most renowned landmark in Berlin and celebrated now as a monument, the Berlin Wall is home to a disconcerting, and long history. To understand and appreciate it to its full extent, this should be the top of your to-do list whilst enjoying Berlin’s heritage. The barrier that once divided Berlin now stands a dilapidated, graffitied symbol of reunification and peace.

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall only partial segments remain of the once prominent structure dividing East and West. If this intrigues you, you must visit Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, a memorial housing a short section of the wall, a chapel, an outdoor gallery, a documentation centre and an art installation.

Still feeling unfulfilled? The city offers many tours of different sites of the Berlin Wall; you can be uplifted by the vibrantly exquisite graffiti that is rife along the sections of the wall still standing. Learn about the Cold War and the corruption and sadness that this memorial remembers, whilst remaining a testament to individuals’ endurance and hope.

Meander Through Lush Forestry

When you envisage a European city, your imagination conjures images of large, overwhelming buildings, bright sparkling lights and a plethora of commuters. Berlin’s core provides this active excitement; nonetheless it is also home to Grunewald forest.

If you’re feeling the chaos of the big city is too much, and you require a tranquil day surrounded by a flourishing leafy haven, pack a hearty picnic and visit Berlin’s largest forested area. It is located southwest of Charlottenburg, riding the rapid S-Bahn means it is straightforward, and quick to access.

Dance the Night (and Day!) Away

Berlin is a non-stop party city, with eccentric, wild weekends extending well through the weekdays. Berghain Nightclub is a much sought after clubbing experience, and has seen some turned away from the door with no explanation. Inside the elusive club, a euphoric, electro-fuelled atmosphere greets you. Prepare yourself to party well into the next day!

If you are contemplating something a little more low-key, but with a wonderful ambience, I would advice a visit to Green Door, a retro-style cocktail bar with a quirky vibe. It’s as if David Lynch has fantasised a unique cocktail bar, plucked it from his imagination and slotted it right in the midst of Berlin’s nightlife. With a colourful array of delectable cocktails, Green Door also serves up some delicious dishes if you’re feeling a little peckish.

Experience the Artistic Licence in Berlin

Berlin is absolutely rife with art galleries; they are more often than not a stone’s throw away from wherever you are standing. First and foremost, it is utterly essential to fulfil your artistic hunger at Contemporary Fine Arts. It contains ever-changing exhibitions of well-known artists, such as Sarah Lucas, in a minimalist space. The diversity of exhibits almost guarantees a viewing of some of Berlin’s most elite contemporary artists.

Berlin’s Brightest Mealtimes

After feeling culturally enriched by the amazing array of what Berlin has to offer, it is time to refuel and relax. Make time to visit Berlin’s best cuisine at Hugos, an exclusive, avant-garde dining experience.

Chef Thomas Kammeier masters some exceptional dishes, whilst you enjoy panoramic city views at this 14th floor restaurant. Feast your eyes on the glowing lights of Berlin, flickering like the embers of a fire, as your taste buds explode in euphoria at the unique Michelin star cuisine.