18th July 2015

Catering on private jets


One of the many advantages of flying by private jet charter is that you get to enjoy superior catering. Commercial flight meals often lack flavour or are insubstantial, such is the nature of mass production. Catering on private jets is done through either local or specialist providers, ensuring you enjoy every bite.

Luxury catering done on a case by case basis

First-class travellers are well accustomed to onboard luxury cuisine, with high class airlines like Emirates offering gourmet hors d’oeuvres and fine delicacies prepared by world-famous chefs. However, the options available are still limited to the small menu onboard.

To combat this issue many private airplane organisations have allied themselves with renowned restaurants and local chains to provide customised meals fitted for first-rate passengers. Bespoke Air Charter works with established suppliers such as Absolute Taste and Emily’s, delivering our customers with a menu of treats and specialities best suited to their tastes.

The impressive array of dishes ranges from sushi and tapas platters to tempting chocolate and fruit desserts mean that there is something for every traveller.

If no specific requests are made then the operator of the aircraft will use their local supplier to source food. On smaller aircraft this tends to be cold buffet style as they have no galleys.

Food preparation and transportation fitted for flight travel

It has been scientifically proven that our sense of taste changes with high altitudes, hence the reason airplane food often seems so bland. However, due to air restrictions, in-flight meals still need to go through a different process of cooking to be served on board.

The method of preparation has to take into account not only the duration of the flight but the crew in attendance and the galleys available. Shorter flights and smaller aircrafts require fast meals and snacks that can be consumed without the need for refrigerators or cooking and heating appliances.

The transportation of the meals from the restaurants or chains to the aircraft must also be done in accordance with food safety regulations. One of the common practices being blast chilling in a large refrigerator, which secures a quick-freeze of the supplies and places them out of the danger zone while transported to the flight.

Choose mix & match boxes or restaurant quality meals

Two catering options available are Emily’s and Absolute Taste:

Private jet catering provider, Emily’s, offers in flight catering in the form of boxed meals, where customers can mix different orders within the serving. This is ideal for small trips or on aircrafts without a cabin crew.

A DFT approved supplier, Absolute Taste is equipped with refrigerated vehicles for food deliveries, handling your pre-chosen meals with care and efficiency to your flight.