14th December 2014

What are empty leg charters?

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Taking advantage of empty legs on private jets

Every month over 40,000 trips are flown by private and business jet charters with no-one but the crew on board. These trips are known in the industry as empty legs and offer the consumer a great opportunity to experience the benefits and convenience of private jet charter but at a fraction of the cost.

No check-in queues, turn up to the airport just 15 minutes before your departure time, no luggage restrictions and VIP handling on arrival at your destination, a very different experience than a trip on even the best scheduled airlines.

What is an empty leg charter?

Empty legs on private jets occur when a customer has booked a one-way charter and the aircraft needs to either position out to the departure airfield or return back to base having completed its task. On these occasions the empty sector is made available by the operator at a much reduced cost.

By their nature empty leg flights are inflexible, the departure airfield and destination are often fixed and the date of the flight is usually within a very narrow window. But, if an empty leg does coincide with your planned itinerary, then considerable savings can be made over the standard price of the trip. When putting together a quote, the team at Bespoke Air Charter will always search for an empty leg that matches your requested itinerary.

Big discounts

Depending on the operator, the route being flown and how short notice the booking is, discounts of up to 80% of the full price of the charter can be achieved on these empty legs. Private jet operators would rather have passengers on board, and generate some revenue from the flight, than let the aircraft return to base empty.

Special occasions

Empty legs on private jets can also be used on a more ad-hoc basis. What better way to enhance a special occasion than to include a flight on a private jet? Our client service team have instant access to hundreds of operators and thousands of aircraft globally. If you are not fixed on your where you want to go the team will often be able to find you a flight to a sought after destination. We are happy to take care of hotel bookings and also arrange your return flight on a scheduled airline.


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