5th July 2013


Scenic Tuscany landscape with rolling hills and valleys in golden morning light, Val d'Orcia, Italy

Fara is a commune in the Province of Rieti, in the Italian region Lazio. Fara is arguably one of the most gorgeous locations to seek solace. As you jet across the skies on your private jet, witness the rolling hills and lush forestry that is beneath you.

Fara is situated around 25 miles northeast of Rome, and 16 miles southwest of Rieti. However, if you are interested in a vacation where you can find peace and solitude, alongside culture, then I guarantee you will not tire easily of beautiful Fara.

Unwind in the Beautiful Seclusion and Relaxation Offered by Fara

Fara is found in the Sabine countryside, and is home to some truly amazing and stunning sights. It not only provides you with gorgeous scenery, but you can swim in wild streams with their foaming waterfalls, nestled in the Sabina hillsides.

Once you have cooled off in the waterfalls and wild streams you can hike, horse ride or even cycle through the stunning countryside of Sabine Hills. Visualise the exquisite excess of rich, deep flora that blankets the high hilltops. Clamber and adventure through the wonderful naturalness that the countryside provides.

Discover the Historical Heritage of Fara

If you perhaps don’t feel that an exploration through the picturesque bracken is for you, then maybe a visit to Abbazia Di Farfa (Farfa Abbey), one of the most famous abbeys in Europe will suffice.

Be amazed as you enter the centre of the antiquated area of Sabina, the ethereal silence that surrounds the ancient village is where you will uncover the abbey of Farfa. Located at the foot of Mount Acuziano, you will experience the smiles of nature, and cooling breeze that interrupts the warmth of the dappled sunlight through the trees.

Quietly appreciate this beautiful Abbey, full of tranquillity, simplicity and passiveness.

Another gorgeous spot that you must visit is the Museo Civico Archeologico. The Museum itself is a Renaissance building, situated in the medieval village of Fara Sabina, in the cathedral square. Immerse yourself in the amazing artefacts and culture of this structure.

You will be presented with a myriad of artefacts from excavations that have been occurring since the 1970’s. The excavations have taken place from the two main settlements, Cures and Eretum, of the ancient Tiber Sabina.

As well a museum displaying many medieval artefacts, there are a number of medieval villages located around the area, such as Roccantica, Toffia and Casperia. Roccantia is exquisite and old-fashioned, with a concentrated, glowing warmth that emanates through the cobbled streets, and medieval brickwork. Each village, with their antiquated brickwork and traditionalism, are framed by flourishing vegetation.

Visit a Sagra For a True and Traditional Culinary Experience

A Sagra is a local festival, which often involves food, and will undoubtedly enrapture all of your senses. As you enter you will be greeted by the thick scent of some of the most delicious, and richly flavoured cuisine you have ever tasted.

There are a number of Sagre (plural), that cater to a variety of people and tastes. At any given time in Fara you will find a Sagre that has a multitude of stands with a large variety of produce. You will most likely discover the many wines, cheeses and other cuisine to be utterly delectable. There will be traditional music playing in the street, so whether you want to eat, dance or relax, your needs will be met.