16th March 2015

Find your dream home from the air


There is no better way to search for your new property than by chartering a helicopter from Bespoke Air Charter. Not only will you save travel time but you will get a unique perspective on both the property and it’s setting as we fly you into each location. Fly around the property and get a real feel for how it is laid out and land in the garden or grounds to view the house itself.

The perfect helicopter for the job

AS355 Helicopter

Bespoke Air Charter have over ten years experience finding our clients the most suitable aircraft at the very best price. Trust our client service team to get you the best service and best value for your trip.

Smaller single engine helicopters can be the ideal choice for smaller groups and for shorter day trips. Or choose a larger, twin engine machine if you want that bit more luxury or are travelling that bit further.

See more from the air


An aerial viewing can give you a complete perspective on your new property and allow you to see features not readily apparent from the ground. Chartering a private helicopter will allow you to easily see the surrounding area and where your neighbours are located.

Save time and hassle

Your helicopter will meet you in a location that is convenient for you. We can pick you up from your back garden, a local hotel or at an airfield if there is one close by. You will save hours of travel time by chartering a helicopter. A trip from London to Devon, that might take over 3 hours by car can be completed in just 50 minutes.

Arrive at your chosen destination refreshed, relaxed and energised, not ground down from hours of battling road works and traffic jams.

An overnight stay


Get a real feel for your chosen area and stay the night in one of our carefully selected hotels. Our client service team will happily make a personal recommendation for your overnight stay. Get delivered straight to your door by choosing one of the luxury hotels with helipads that we can recommend.


Call the team on +44 (0) 20 7169 4231, email us at fly@bespokeaircharter.com to charter a helicopter to find your dream property.