5th May 2015

Flying by private jet can save your business time and money

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There are numerous reasons why flying by private jet is preferable to commercial flying, such as comfort and personal space. However, from a business frequent flier’s standpoint, there are ways that private jet hire can save your business time and money in more unexpected ways.

Your cabin becomes a remote office

Private jets can save time in a number of ways, namely by reducing the wasted time between your arrival at the airport and the plane taking off. While commercial jets linger on the tarmac as crew check potentially hundreds of passengers, private jets are only awaiting you.

Arriving just a few minutes before your scheduled take off means that business fliers can spend more time working and less time waiting. Once you are on board, you are then in your own private remote working space.

Business fliers will usually have to maximise their working time, fitting in meetings, calls and emails during travel to various destinations. The private jet cabin offers a secure working area with excellent wifi connections and, if you are travelling with a team, an area to have meetings.

Departing from a smaller airport could help you avoid congested routeslegacy450

Often, private planes take off and land at smaller airports adjacent to main city ones. The advantage of this is that you may be able to find an airport nearer to your business and avoid busy roads full of taxis and commercial fliers.

Once in the air, private jets are able to fly at a higher altitude than commercial aircraft. This allows them to travel directly to your destination in clearer skies, potentially arriving earlier than a commercial flight would.

Business fliers will then be able to transfer directly to hotels or their meeting destinations shortly after arrival, while those on commercial planes are caught in potentially lengthy immigration queues.

Alternatively, if your destination is, for example, London City Centre, it is also possible to arrange for a helicopter transfer to bring you straight to your destination with minimum stress and in maximum comfort.

Better resting conditions and catering help you to arrive at your best

Finally, by providing more restful seating, a spacious environment and finer catering choices, business travellers will arrive at their destination as refreshed as possible.

Jet lag and bumpy flight conditions cannot be removed from the equation. However, by providing the best opportunities to work and sleep, private jets will allow business fliers to be as productive as possible.

phenom300Bulk bookings in advance can save money for regular business fliers

Those who are frequent business travellers, who require the benefits afforded by private jets, can save their businesses in the long term with multiple booking discounts. To find out more about bulk bookings, please contact the Bespoke Air Charter team.


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