12th December 2014

Flying with pets on private jets

A dog wearing a helmet pilot.

At Bespoke Air Charter we’re often asked questions about how pet-friendly our private jets are. As long as your pet’s documentation is correct and their vaccinations are up to date we are more than happy to have them aboard when you charter a private jet.

Ensuring you both have a happy flight

We know how important pets are to our customers. We always want you both to be able to have as pleasant a flight as possible. If your pet travels on a scheduled airline it could have a very uncomfortable and frightening journey which is bound to impact on your flight experience too.

A private jet ensures that you and your pet have a smooth and comfortable experience. They won’t have to experience separation anxiety while spending hours boxed in a cargo hold or be left waiting on hot tarmac to be loaded like luggage onto the plane.

Requirements for your jet-setting pet

The introduction of the pet travel scheme has made flying within Europe much more straight forward. With this scheme in place you can travel within the EU, or from a non-EU listed country, without restriction; if your pet meets the set requirements.

These include: a microchip, an up to date rabies vaccination and a pet passport with veterinary certificate. If you’re travelling with a dog then it will also need to have a tapeworm treatment.

You will also need to use an approved carrier and travel by an authorised route – you can speak to our customer service team to find out further details on these.

Bear in mind that if you are travelling from a country that is not EU listed then your pet will have to undergo a blood test three months before you travel with them.

We will connect you with a pet travel experienced operator

We pride ourselves on helping you have the best in-flight experience and will organise catering for you and your pet, alongside taking care of the paperwork and customs arrangement upon arrival at your destination.

We will connect you with an operator that is experienced in pet travel as well as finding you the lowest rate. Bespoke Air Charter will ensure all of the requirements are taken care of so that you do not face any complications before departure or on arrival.

We know a pet can be part of the family and it can be worrisome to have them taken away to travel in a cargo hold. Taking them with you in the cabin will let them share in the convenience and comfort of your private jet experience so that you can both travel worry-free in luxury.


If you have any questions about travelling with your pets on a private jet charter, or would like to enquire about a booking, call us on +44 (0) 20 7169 4231 or email us at fly@bespokeaircharter.com to speak to one of the team.