EU flag with stars over airplane

27th June 2016

How will Brexit affect your EU travel plans?

The EU referendum, one of the biggest and most talked about political events in Great Britain’s history, has finally been and gone. Unfortunately it’s impossible to do anything other than... Read More


23rd May 2016

Will the High Court ruling on school summer holidays affect private flights?

On Friday 13th May, a UK High Court ruling created a significant stir for parents planning family vacations. It essentially boiled down to a father taking his daughter on holiday... Read More


9th May 2016

Will Lilium be the next level for luxury planes & helicopters?

(Image: Meet Lilium, a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) airplane that looks like it was designed by Apple. Lilium isn’t ready yet, but this private plane is expected... Read More


24th March 2016

Are private jets the new First Class?

Private jet charter flights, with their exclusive spaces, exceptionally high standards and personal service, are often seen as one step beyond even First Class commercial travel. However, increasingly low prices... Read More