24th March 2016

Are private jets the new First Class?


Private jet charter flights, with their exclusive spaces, exceptionally high standards and personal service, are often seen as one step beyond even First Class commercial travel. However, increasingly low prices for First Class travel has increased its accessibility to more flyers.

As a result, the expenditure of private charter travel is being seen as even more appealing for those seeking luxury flights.

First Class prices are declining, but so is the quality

Recently, some airlines have been lowering the costs of their first class tickets, leading to an inevitable decline in the quality of their first class facilities.

As we have discussed before, chartering a private jet can actually end up cheaper than flying business class, when you consider factors like wait times and landing locations. But even putting those factors aside, it is still possible that flying private is actually more affordable than flying first class.

What about First Class cabins?

Fliers seeking the exclusive and private experience they originally sought in First Class are having to look once step further with Ultra First Class cabins, like those offered by Emirates or Etihad.

These cabins certainly offer travellers a luxury experience, but at their kind of prices, chartering a private jet costs almost exactly the same for an even more luxurious and spacious flight. In fact, it has been suggested that flying in these cabins could cost up to $20,000 – far more than a private jet flight has to be.

Charter your own flight

The answer then is clear, both financially and experientially, for those who are looking for the premiere level of service that they have been used to. Either pay extra to upgrade First Class to Ultra on limited airlines, or look to private jet charters for top level travel.


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