14th August 2015

How to beat jet lag on your next flight


Jet lag is one of long-haul travel’s worst drawbacks, affecting all travellers equally, regardless of age or health. When flying between more than two time zones, the changes in light patterns can disrupt your body’s sleep cycle, leading to symptoms of stress, insomnia and nausea.

Although there’s no tried-and-tested method to prevent jet lag, Bespoke Air Charter have come up with a few tricks and tips that can help you to ease the symptoms. Flying by private jet charter naturally reduces the effects of jet lag by providing an environment that’s much more comfortable for long distance flights.

To help your body adjust to a different time zone, here are several steps you can take before and during your flight.

Gradually alter your sleeping schedule

Before your scheduled flight, gradually shift your sleeping and eating schedule to coincide with the time-zone of the country you’re flying to. This will help eliminate or ease the shock to your system when altering your habits to the country’s daylight hours.

With a private jet flight you can modify cabin lighting to the time-zone you’re travelling, without having to worry about disrupting fellow passengers.

Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages

When flying for long periods of time, it’s extremely important to keep yourself hydrated and avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. A well-balanced diet with a healthy intake of melatonin – which helps regulate sleep – can also contribute to minimising jet lag and improving sleeping patterns.

Our in-flight catering provides a range of meals and drinks suited to your well-being, including various foods known to have the melatonin hormone, such as bananas, oats, tomatoes and pineapples.

On private flights, you can arrange to have your meals and drinks prepared at specific times. These can be suited to your changing sleep schedule.

Have comfortable sleeping arrangements

Trying to relax in commercial flights is usually a difficult endeavour, with less than comfortable seats and restricted space. By flying privately, passengers can enjoy spacious amenities with reclining seats and plenty of legroom.

To maintain healthy blood circulation, walking around or even exercising during the flight can be extremely beneficial for jet lag sufferers.

Some private aircrafts, such as the Gulfstream G50, have a lower cabin pressurisation than commercial planes. This means that passengers can breath easier and have a more comfortable ambience. Temperature modifications are also available in all our jets, so you can always enjoy a sleep-friendly 18.5 degrees.

Whilst private jets won’t eliminate jet lag completely, they can prevent passengers from experiencing the worst effects and ensure your business or leisure travel gets off to the best possible start.