26th February 2015

How to choose the right helicopter for your flight

AS355 Helicopter

Before booking your helicopter flight with Bespoke Air Charter, you need to make certain that you have selected the best type of helicopter for your needs. Certain types of helicopter are better suited to long flights, day trips or to carry larger groups.

This guide will help you choose the right helicopter for your flight and explain the ways in which it is best suited to that particular kind of journey. Of course, you needn’t be a total expert as our brokers will be happy to advise you of which helicopter will best suit your needs.

Single engine helicopters are ideal for short and day trips helicopter 3 bell206

One of the most popular, yet unconventional, ways to view a city is by helicopter. Frequently, tourists will charter a helicopter to take them on an aerial tour of a city’s most famous landmarks or nearby wonders and monuments.

For example, with the popularity of period shows such as Downton Abbey, flights around the English countryside to see local manors and mansions are popular. Sightseeing tours of London and Edinburgh often prove popular with locals and tourists alike who want to see the city in a way they never have before.

For shorter journeys we would recommend single engine helicopters, such as the Robinson R44, Bell 206, EC130 and EC120. Typically able to fly for 1-2 hours, depending on the number of passengers. They are the most cost effective way to charter a helicopter.

For larger groups, we suggest hiring a large twin helicopter

helicopter 4 s76

Large twin helicopters, such as the Sikorsky S76, Agusta AW139 and EC155 are ideal for larger groups who wish to travel by helicopter. Seating up to eight passengers, these helicopters will typically fly up to 150 knots over a distance of 450nm (nautical miles).

Whether you’re getting away for the weekend with a group of friends and family, or taking an express business trip to a conference, you’ll be in safe hands in the same helicopters that are used to transport members of the Royal Family.

If you’re concerned about feeling like you’re about to be deployed into the jungle, you needn’t worry. Thanks to modern technology, passengers on board each aircraft will enjoy a comfortable journey with leather seats, minimal noise levels and full air conditioning.

With fewer passengers, you have the opportunity to carry more luggage, making these types of helicopter useful for short holidays or vacations with an intimate group.

VIP’s prefer the spacious Agusta 109

helicopter 1

Luxury helicopter travel does not get much finer than the Agusta 109 family. These are the fastest helicopters that can be hired privately by the public, and they are the VIP’s preferred choice.

The Agusta 109 can carry up to seven passengers with a single pilot, so you could think of it as the limousine of air travel. Even if you don’t fully utilise all the seats, you’re still sure to enjoy making the most of the luxury with just a couple of select companions.

If you are travelling with an entourage the Agusta 109 Grand and Grand New are highly recommended. With their longer and wider cabins, they offer the luxury of increased leg and shoulder room for you and your companions.