15th November 2015

How to fly like a celebrity

Low section of wealthy woman stepping out of car parked in front of private plane

When you charter a private jet, you only want the best. But how can you truly know which model to choose? Luckily, celebrities have already done the legwork by deciding which private jet they think is the best before promptly buying it. Follow the example of your favourite high flyer to help you decide how to travel.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a huge private jet enthusiast. She once told a group of students that owning a private jet is one of the greatest perks of being rich and famous.

She owns a Global Express XRS, custom built for her by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. Costing her a cool $42m, the jet has a high end leather interior and designer bathroom fixtures.

If you want to fly like Oprah you can charter our Bombardier Global Express 5000. It has many of the best features of Oprah’s jet, including unrivalled speed for a business jet, and the capability to fly non-stop from London to Singapore.

Other Global Express owners include Celine Dion and Steven Spielberg.

Jim Carrey

We may have been seeing less of Jim Carrey on our screens lately, but he is still estimated to be worth $150m. Carrey is known to be a big aviation enthusiast, so it is hardly surprising that he owns a $59m Gulfstream V jet.

Carrey’s jet is one of the safest and most high spec business jets available. Thanks to its near-supersonic speeds, the plane has set numerous world records.

All of Gulfstream’s planes are made with the same care and attention to detail that went into the V, and we offer many of them for chartering in our extensive fleet.

Other Gulfstream owners include Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Harrison Ford

Famously, Harrison Ford spends a lot of his spare time flying planes. Though a fully qualified and experienced pilot, he recently made headlines for crashing a plane during the shooting of the latest Star Wars sequel. He was flying a WWII-era Ryan ST3KR Recruit when he crashed, which may explain the faulty engine problems said to have caused it.

Luckily, Ford also owns many more planes. “More than it’s fair for anybody to have,” he says in an interview with Airport Journals. One of his best planes is an $18m Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign. This long range jet can fly from London to Hawaii in a single trip, and thanks to its high specification, it has very little chance of crashing.

We have several of Cessna’s Citation line in our fleet, mostly on the lighter side. So if you want to fly like Ford, one of these might be for you.

Other Cessna owners include Morgan Freeman.

Richard Branson

The founder of Virgin Airlines knows more than a thing or two about planes. Branson’s jet of choice is the Falcon 900EX. The Falcon is perfect for someone who travels as much as Branson, since it easily takes him from his home in the United Kingdom to his luxury private island on a regular basis.

Worth at least $9m for a base model, Branson’s Falcon features a blown-up picture of his own iris on the tail fin, and it is said to be nicknamed ‘Galactic Girl’. Nobody but the Branson family know what the plane’s interior is like, but if it’s anything like the exterior, it’ll surely be extravagant.

At Bespoke Air Charter, we offer a Falcon 7X, the 900EX’s larger cousin. It has an even higher maximum flying range and a faster rate of climb, meaning this plane is actually better than Branson’s on a technical level. Unfortunately we cannot give you the option of painting your eye on the side.

Other Falcon owners include Taylor Swift

Jay Z

Jay Z has been the proud owner of a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet ever since his wife Beyonce bought it for him as a Father’s Day gift in 2012.

The jet reportedly set Beyonce back $40m. She got a lot for her money, though. This Challenger came with a leather-lined living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms.

You can’t quite fly like Jay Z and Beyonce with Bespoke Air Charter, but you can get close. Charter our Bombardier Challenger 350 for a taste of the hip-hop high life. It doesn’t have any bedrooms, but it does have a deluxe interior, and is held as one of the best midsize jets in existence.

For more information on our celebrity-standard aircraft, explore our fleet.