17th August 2015

London Biggin Hill Airport


London Biggin Hill Airport is on the rise as a private and business jet hub. The airport has often been overlooked as an option for private jet charters arriving in London. This is because of its poor communication links and restricted opening hours.

However, with a planning consultation underway to increase those hours, alongside the introduction this month of a new helicopter shuttle service, the future is looking increasingly bright for this historic old airfield.

Biggin Hill Airport is just a 15 minute drive from Bromley South

The airport is situated to the south east of London and is just 12 miles from the heart of the West End and the city’s financial district. It is the most conveniently located airfield for Canary Wharf, barring London City Airport. Fast trains to London are available from Bromley, a short cab ride away, and driving into the centre of the city will take approximately 55 minutes.

The ground transport links for Biggin Hill are comparatively limited but you can be in central London less than an hour after landing. Helicopter transfers offer a considerably faster alternative.

There is a helicopter operator based at the airfield and a transfer to either London Battersea or London Vanguard (for Canary Wharf) heliports takes only 6 minutes. This new shuttle service makes the airport much more accessible and viable as an option for private jets. The postcode for the airfield is TN16 3BH.

The airport played a big role in the battle of Britain

The Biggin Hill airfield was opened in 1917 by the Royal Flying Corp as part of the London Air Defence area. A squadron of Bristol Fighters were based there to protect the capital from attack by Zeppelins and Gotha bombers during World War I. Between the wars the airfield remained operational but it is perhaps best known for the role it played during the Battle of Britain.

Biggin Hill acted as one of the main fighter bases that worked to protect London from enemy bombers during World War II. Biggin Hill served as a command base with squadrons of both Hurricanes and Spitfires being stationed there.

In 1958 the airfield ceased to be an operational RAF airfield and, with the closure of Croydon airport, started to assume a larger role as a civilian airfield. Over the past 50 years the airfield has developed into a hub for both general and business aviation.

The facilities are great for business jets of all shapes and sizes

The airfield has maintenance and hangarage facilities for most types of business jet. Over 60 aircraft, ranging from small, four seat Cessna Citations, to long-range Gulfstream and Global Express Jets are based here. Biggin Hill has flexible facilities for the varying needs and sizes of business aircraft.

There are three handling agents at the airfield, Biggin Hill Executive Handling, Rizon and Signature Flight Support. Biggin Hill is a Customs Port of Entry into the UK and Customs and Special Branch Police officers are located at the airfield which makes travel from overseas easier as documents can be checked on site.

London Biggin Hill Opening Hours

The airport is open on weekdays from 0630 – 2200. Extensions are available for departures only from 0630 to 0730 and arrivals from 2100 until 2200, with prior permission.

On weekends the opening hours are from 0900 – 2000. All times are local GMT.


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