(Image: lilium-aviation.com)

9th May 2016

Will Lilium be the next level for luxury planes & helicopters?

(Image: lilium-aviation.com) Meet Lilium, a vertical take off and landing (VTOL) airplane that looks like it was designed by Apple. Lilium isn’t ready yet, but this private plane is expected... Read More


22nd April 2016

Travel Tips: Where to vacation in Europe before summer

It feels like we’ve just had our allocated week of summer in the UK, but the hot weather is all ahead of us in mainland Europe. With the summer holidays,... Read More


10th April 2016

Do you need a passport to fly on a private jet charter?

While there are many advantages to travelling by private jet, private flyers will often still be required to carry a passport when boarding any plane. Identification when travelling is still... Read More


24th March 2016

Are private jets the new First Class?

Private jet charter flights, with their exclusive spaces, exceptionally high standards and personal service, are often seen as one step beyond even First Class commercial travel. However, increasingly low prices... Read More