23rd August 2015

The benefits of private jets when flying with children

Private planes in the movies

From organising your flight to arranging transport to the airport and long queues, some aspects of air travel can be more of an endurance test than a pleasure.

When it comes to flying with your family, whether that includes young children or newborns, the potential strain of an international flight is significantly increased. Not only do you have to keep track of more pieces of luggage, but children can often find the travel process uncomfortable and they aren’t afraid of letting you know how they feel.

This is certainly true with commercial flights. Flying with private jets on the other hand allows flyers to forgo much of the stress associated with airports.

There are numerous specific benefits of private plane hire when flying with children. Here we present the top four benefits, over and above getting your family to your destination in the safety and comfort of a private jet.

Skipping through customs and security queues

One of the hardships of commercial flights is having to go through customs and the never-ending queues. And with kids in the mix, running the gauntlet of security checks can easily become an absolute nightmare.

Private flights allow for a much more relaxed boarding process. You won’t have to worry about unpacking belongings, diaper bags, mounting and dismounting buggies either.

With fewer fellow travellers and an exclusive jet you can enjoy the luxury of leisurely boarding and a flight that’s optimised for your family’s comfort.

Ultimate comfort for naps

Respecting children’s sleeping schedules is extremely important, as it directly impacts their mental and physical development. A common downside to flying is the disruption of those same sleeping habits, either from lack of comfort or space.

Luckily, all our private aircraft have a luxurious cabin design, with reclining seats, where your children can relax and rest peacefully. The private, and thus quiet, ambience ensures their nap times won’t be interrupted by loud passengers or cabin crew.

On-board entertainment for the little ones

Flying can be quite an exhausting experience, and tired or bored children can be prone to temper tantrums. To make the most out of your downtime and keep the little ones distracted, many private aircrafts have on-board entertainment features with the latest viewing technology. Watching their favourite movie or program will improve their mood significantly and give you a chance to relax.

Furthermore, thanks to the absence of luggage restrictions, parents can pack their kids’ favourite books and toys and conveniently store them in the cabin. It will help create familiar surroundings, easing their nerves and make them feel safe during flight.

If they happen to be interested, kids can also meet the crew and pilot, visit the deck and learn about the “magic” behind flying.

In-flight meals suited to their (picky) taste buds

Bespoke Air Charter provide custom catering services that allow customers to order in-flight meals from established suppliers like Absolute Taste and Emily’s. The menu of treats and specialities offer an array of mouth-watering dishes that you and your child will love.

All private caterers are able to provide meals for those with allergies or specific nutritional requirements.