Male models wearing suits

16th September 2016

Charter a private jet to fashion week

The fashion elites and their stylish admirers are at large once again as the fashion world prepares for the Fashion Week season. Starting with London Fashion Week, London’s Saatchi Gallery... Read More

EU flag with stars over airplane

27th June 2016

How will Brexit affect your EU travel plans?

The EU referendum, one of the biggest and most talked about political events in Great Britain’s history, has finally been and gone. Unfortunately it’s impossible to do anything other than... Read More


22nd April 2016

Travel Tips: Where to vacation in Europe before summer

It feels like we’ve just had our allocated week of summer in the UK, but the hot weather is all ahead of us in mainland Europe. With the summer holidays,... Read More


10th April 2016

Do you need a passport to fly on a private jet charter?

While there are many advantages to travelling by private jet, private flyers will often still be required to carry a passport when boarding any plane. Identification when travelling is still... Read More