24th March 2016

Are private jets the new First Class?

Private jet charter flights, with their exclusive spaces, exceptionally high standards and personal service, are often seen as one step beyond even First Class commercial travel. However, increasingly low prices... Read More

Low section of wealthy woman stepping out of car parked in front of private plane

15th November 2015

How to fly like a celebrity

When you charter a private jet, you only want the best. But how can you truly know which model to choose? Luckily, celebrities have already done the legwork by deciding... Read More

Private planes in the movies

23rd August 2015

The benefits of private jets when flying with children

From organising your flight to arranging transport to the airport and long queues, some aspects of air travel can be more of an endurance test than a pleasure. When it... Read More


14th August 2015

How to beat jet lag on your next flight

Jet lag is one of long-haul travel’s worst drawbacks, affecting all travellers equally, regardless of age or health. When flying between more than two time zones, the changes in light... Read More