18th July 2015

Catering on private jets

One of the many advantages of flying by private jet charter is that you get to enjoy superior catering. Commercial flight meals often lack flavour or are insubstantial, such is... Read More

London helicopter charter

1st July 2015

Which airport to choose for your London private flight

With six different airports to choose from, how do you select the right London airport as the arrival or departure point for your private flight? This guide from the team... Read More

Parked Jet

16th June 2015

What are the rules and restrictions that apply to flying private?

There are several differences between commercial and private flights, from seat sizes and flight arrival times, to on-board catering. First time private jet charter flyers may assume that commercial jet... Read More

World's most luxury jet

5th May 2015

Flying by private jet can save your business time and money

There are numerous reasons why flying by private jet is preferable to commercial flying, such as comfort and personal space. However, from a business frequent flier’s standpoint, there are ways... Read More