22nd April 2016

Travel Tips: Where to vacation in Europe before summer


It feels like we’ve just had our allocated week of summer in the UK, but the hot weather is all ahead of us in mainland Europe. With the summer holidays, when schools break up for what feels like months, many popular destinations will fill up fast with families.

So before the beaches are swarmed, for those who can afford to take a break before July, here are four best vacations to book in Europe to get some sun before summer:

Bathe in Swiss Luxury in Lucerne

Lucerne has been described as ‘a pearl in the world’s most beautiful oyster’ by Alexander Dumas, and we are inclined to agree. With a stunning, car-free old town, you are free to wander around historical architecture and taking the atmosphere of this former fishing village in Switzerland.

The simple, best way to arrive in Lucerne is to charter a jet to one of the ten airports. Within the hour you can be lounging next to the beautiful lakes or exploring the Rosengart Collection to the Museum of Art.

There’s a range of cycle routes and walks along the lakeside alongside a vast array of cafes and restaurants, taking a quiet break from the city life for calmer pastures.

Explore the historic centre of Olbia

Olbia, Sardinia, is a largely undiscovered and thus wholly underrated gem in Italy. While Italy is a popular destination for holidaymakers, there remains a number or unique, less well-known places offering an authentic taste of the beloved country.

The city of Olbia in particular is a recommended spot, pre and even during the summer holiday, as it’s overshadowed by tourist hub Costa Smeralda nearby.

Olbia offers an authentic Sardinian experience, filled with pretty piazzas and cafes, alongside the Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park. The park is a stunning natural beauty that is well worth a visit. The coastal city also boasts numerous unspoiled beaches for relaxation.

Brave the British Summer with a Cornish retreat

When you think of a luxury retreat, Britain may not be your first port of call. However, the tip of Great Britain’s South West peninsula can make for a wonderful summer break; and it’s currently still part of Europe.

The advantage of taking a trip to the British coast for city dwellers is that you can forgo the jet for a private helicopter charter – allowing you to experience breathtaking views before you’ve even arrived.

Cornish rental cottages, or more contemporary villas abound, offering pre-summer breaks in peaceful and quaint surroundings. Cobbled streets, sand beaches and local markets welcome you like any village in Europe would.

Sunbathe on the unspoilt beaches of Menorca

If you’re truly looking to work on your tan before the summer season, Menorca is a haven of white beaches, rocky coves and azure waters. If you travel before mid-June you can also avoid the high season and teeming crowds for maximum chance of a beach to yourself.

If you love the sea and a laidback lifestyle then Menorca is the ultimate destination. From diving and kayaking to more leisurely swims and eating quality shellfish by the shore, there’s something for every water lover. The city of Mahon is full of character and even has it’s own delicious cheese named after, notable for it’s bright orange rind and cushion shape.