30th September 2016

What private jet has the longest range?

private jet flying above clouds towards sun

We work with many different planes for our private jet charters, each one suited to the client’s personal requirements. Whether it be size, privacy or those must-have special touches, private jets can vary widely. But, it isn’t just the interiors that flier are interested in.

Here, we’re going to discuss a frequently asked question: what private jet has the longest range and what factors affect a private jets travel distance.

The Gulfstream private jet has the longest range

We work with the Gulfstream G650 jet, which has a capable range of 7000 nautical miles. It can carry up to sixteen passengers and flies at lower altitudes to reduce cabin fatigue. While this is the private jet with the longest range, among those in our fleet, there are other factors that can affect the distance you jet can travel.

What affects a jet’s travel distance?

The distance a private jet can travel depends on several factors. Typically, the larger the plane, the further it can fly. This is largely due to the larger private jets having a bigger fuel capacity. It’s not uncommon for those using smaller jets to travel the same distance are on larger jets, but the fuel limitations just mean they would need to stop for refuelling.

The top end size jet will have a range of approximately 4,000 km, whereas a super lightweight jet will have a range of only roughly 1,500 km.

We typically work with a few long range jets, including the Gulfstream, namely:

  • Dassault:
    Falcon 7X
    Passengers: 13
    Range: 5950 Nautical Miles
    Acoustic technology to give a more peaceful overnight journey
  • Bombardier:
    Global Express 5000
    Passengers: 13
    Range: 4724 NM
    Certified to fly into London City Airport (short runway & steep approach profile)

How does speed affect distance?

Related to the longest range is another commonly asked questions, how fast can I get there? Certainly time is a factor is choosing your private jet, whatever the distance.

While size does affect speed, the altitude the plane is travelling at can also affect the speed at which your jet is able to travel. The speed at which fuel economy of your jet is optimal increases steadily with altitude up to a point. Therefore one must consider more than just speed when considering the distance travelled in correlation to speed.

Additionally, smaller private jets, which can still have significant speed, will be able to travel at a higher altitude than large planes on commercial flights. This can help decrease the overall time to your destination.