6th April 2015

Why you should fly private instead of commercial

Airport transfer by helicopter

Private air travel has many advantages over the myriad of public transport options that are available to you. But is the extra expense really worth it?

Above all, commercial jets aim for affordability, sometimes at the expense of other important considerations such as space and quality. Private aircraft do not, they are aimed at luxury travel and at discerning travellers. These aircraft, their crews and the operators have to ensure that you get what you are paying for in terms of convenience, efficiency, comfort and, above all, ease of travel.

So what marks out private jet and helicopter charters as being worth the expense?

Private planes offer you space and time


A private jet is a haven from the hustle and bustle of flying by commercial jet. They offer the privacy and space that commercial jets often lack. Even in business class your private space is very limited and it is hard to escape the noisy environment that travelling with lots of other passengers will inevitably entail. Your food choices will be limited and you will have to share the attentions of the cabin staff with other, often demanding, passengers.

One of the biggest benefits of private jet travel though, is the time saving that you will make. From check-in to landing at your destination, a private jet is far quicker than the equivalent trip by commercial airline. There is no check in process and you can board your aircraft as soon as you arrive at the airport. And because private jets often use smaller, less congested, airports than the airlines there is no long taxi to the runway, or queue to take off.

On landing at your destination, customs and immigration officers will come to your aircraft and clear you and your companions while you are still on board. And there are no long waits for your luggage, it will be offloaded and transferred to your onward transport within minutes of arrival.

Helicopters offer you speed and flexibility

Grand S/N 22170 Chile

Above all else, helicopters are quick. They offer the ultimate in point to point travel. You can depart from a local airfield, your business premises, a local sports ground or hotel, or even your back garden. And, with the landowner’s permission, you can land anywhere, restricted only by the size and type of helicopter.

Whether for a business trip, or for leisure, helicopters can save hours of travel time, stress and inconvenience. Flying at an average speed of between 130 and 160 mph, helicopters offer a fantastic alternative to cars, trains or even short airline flights.

Train journeys can offer business travellers efficient city centre to city centre transits. But can they really compete with helicopters? Battersea to the Eiffel Tower in only an hour and fifteen minutes. Canary Wharf to Manchester in less than an hour.

The virtues of privacy

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure the “private” in private jet and helicopter charter is something that you simply will not find on a commercial airline.

If you are on a business trip and have strategic, or commercially sensitive, information to discuss then Bespoke Air Charter can offer you the privacy and discretion that you need. Or even if you just do not want to be interrupted, or require a convenient space in which to hold a meeting, private jets can fulfill these needs.

For holidaymakers, what better way to start your trip than aboard a private jet? Avoid the crowds and the queues at the airports. Indulge yourself with the luxury in flight catering, or just settle back with a gin and tonic, flying by private jet will make you feel like you are already on holiday.