12th January 2015

The World’s Most Luxurious Private Jets

Luxury private jet

For the majority of travellers flying is a necessary evil. The most popular method of long distance travel, aeroplanes get fliers from point A to point B. But many view it as more of an endurance than a pleasure.

Yet for the select few, from celebrities and CEOs to heads of state, private jet travel is taken to another level and beyond. Cinema rooms, marble baths, garages with room for two cars and full chef’s kitchens are just some of the bespoke features likely to be found on these individually designed jets.

Featured here are some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious privately owned aircraft.

Royalty own some of the world’s most expensive private planes

While hiring a private jet comes with an increased cost to match the privacy and comfort of the superior travel conditions, billionaires the world over have striven to improve the luxury of private jets even further.

Generally accepted as the most expensive private jet currently flying, the Airbus A380 is owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. This superjumbo, double decker jet offers plenty of room for both spacious seating and customised leisure areas and costs an estimated $400 million.

Just one of a number of aircraft owned by the prince, his personal Airbus has a concert hall, multiple bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and a garage large enough to house a Rolls Royce car. These bespoke customisations are thought to raise the value of this private jet into the region of approximately $500 million.

The Airbus A340 is the billionaires choice of private jetPrivate air charter jet

The French built Airbus A340 is a long range, four engine airliner that was created by Airbus to compete directly with the US owned Boeing jets. One of these 375 seater jets is owned by billionaire Alisher Usmanov, the richest man in Russia.

While the original cost is in the region of $238 million, the billionaire investor is thought to have spent at least that much again customising the interiors to his personal specifications.

The Sultan of Brunei spared no expense in fitting his Boeing 747 with gold and crystal

World's most luxury jetOne of the most opulent private jets currently flying is the Boeing 747 belonging to the Sultan of Brunei. Not content with the addition of prized
vehicles and deluxe suites on board, he turned his hand to luxury feature decorations.

As one of the richest monarchs in the world, the Sultan was able to include gold plated fixtures, crystal light fittings and bathroom wash basins made of solid gold, to name a few of the additions.

As with Usmanov, at least as much as the original cost of the basic private jet has likely been spent to fit his specifications and resides somewhere in the region of $100 million.

You can own your own private jet for around $87 million

If you are in the market for your own luxury private jet then both Boeing and Airbus offer corporate versions of their most popular airliners. These are typically the aircraft used for short haul routes on budget airlines.

The Airbus AC319 (Elegance) corporate jet is available for around $87-90 million. This private jet comes with customisable modules to create your own seating, lounge and dining areas catering to your personal requirements. Optional perks for this aircraft include a cinema lounge, luxury beds and a dining area.

Airbus says that its customers are about evenly split between governments, companies and private individuals. Alternatively, for the same price as the AC319, Boeing offer the corporate version of their 737 airliner, the Boeing Business Jet.

One such aircraft can carry 19 passengers, a slight reduction in the 137 seats usually found on the commercial version! It also features separate sleeping areas, a conference room and fully equipped kitchen.

While these are best of the best,individually owned, private jets, there is opportunity to enjoy the private plane experience on your own private jet charter by contacting our team.


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