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Why choose us for your helicopter charters?

Our unrivaled customer service for private helicopter charters is why clients come back again and again. Whether you’re looking to hire a helicopter for a helicopter tour of London, or for a private helicopter charter to the country, we’ll find you the best flights and suggest your ideal helicopter charter for your party size. Bespoke Air Charter separates itself from other helicopter charter brokers by being a personal service, rather than a machine automated broker. Every helicopter charter is personally handled, giving you a one-on-one point of contact throughout booking.
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Charter a helicopter for business meetings & airport transfers

Hire a helicopter to save time on our airport transfer, to save time travelling to business meetings in London, or to make a grand entrance. We recommend helicopter charters as one of the most time and cost efficient types of private travel, as well as them being one of the most thrilling and spectacular.  Private helicopter charters are better than other forms of private travel within the city as helicopters require less space to land, offering more flexibility for landing destinations than even a private jet charter.

Where do our helicopter charters fly from?

Bespoke Air Charter private helicopter charters fly frequently from within London, launching from Battersea Heliport. Helicopter charters can be hired to fly to the England countryside, across to France and around the city. If there is a destination we can land in, we’ll fly there!


Find our more about helicopter charters by reading our FAQs below:

Why use us for your helicopter charters?

Bespoke Air Charter's helicopter hire service is unrivaled, with an emphasis in putting the person back into personal service. Our customer relations are second to none and are a big part of why our clients keep coming back.

With over a decade of experience in the aviation industry, including piloting helicopters, our client service team will ensure we source the right helicopter for your trip. We will find the ideal craft for your helicopter tour, and spot the best landing places for your private helicopter charters. No matter your needs, we'll find the perfect flight for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does a helicopter travel?
The official world speed record for a helicopter is 400.87 km/h (249.09 mph) and was set in England on August 11th 1986 in Westland Lynx. For helicopters available to charter the cruising speeds are a little slower than this! The fastest of them cruise at about 170mph, covering the distance from London to Manchester in just 50 minutes. The average speed of a helicopter is around 130 to 140 mph, plenty fast enough when you consider there are no traffic jams and we travel as the crow flies.
How high does a helicopter fly?
Most trips that are flown in helicopters are relatively short, so the fuel and time saving efficiencies that are gained by flying higher are cancelled out by the time it takes to get to that altitude. Helicopters will usually cruise at around 1500ft, or 460m, above the ground.
How far can I fly in a helicopter?
Helicopters can usually carry 2.5 to 3 hours of fuel. How far they can travel on this depends on their speed but the faster machines can travel over 450 miles, the distance from London to Inverness. This distance can, however, be limited by the number of passengers to be carried. Helicopters have a maximum total weight that can be carried so more passengers means less fuel.
Is it much harder to fly a helicopter than a plane?
Aeroplanes are, by their nature, stable. Helicopters are not. So the short answer is yes, as any first time student will happily tell you after their first attempt to hover!
Can a helicopter fly in the rain?
Yes, they can, there are no problems with flying in the rain. The only potential issue that rain can cause is a lack of visibility. If the clouds are low, or the rain suffiently heavy, then the pilot may not be able to see where he is going.
What happens if the engine stops?
Helicopters, just like aeroplanes, can glide in the event of engine failure. In a helicopter this is called auto-rotating and the advantage over a plane is that you only need a short space to land the helicopter in.
How do I become a helicopter pilot?
You do not need to learn how to fly an aeroplane before you can learn to fly a helicopter. In order to fly by yourself, or with friends and family, you will need to gain a Private Pilot’s License, or PPL. This will involve a course of study at an approved training school, 60-80 hours of flying and a number of exams. If you want to fly as a career you will need to undertake a further 120 hours of flying and sit another set of exams to gain your Commercial Pilot’s License, CPL.

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Helicopters Available for Charter

Single Engine Helicopters

These helicopters are perfect for shorter, daylight trips and can often offer the best in terms of value. They offer all the convenience of the larger machines but at a much reduced price. Helicopters available for charter include the Bell 206, EC120, EC130 and the Robinson R44.

Light Twin Helicopters

Light twin engine helicopters, such as the AS355 and EC135 are the most popular helicopters used for charter. Carrying up to five passengers they offer the perfect blend of capability, flexibility and value for money.

Agusta 109 Helicopters

The Agusta 109 family of helicopters offer more cabin space and luggage capacity. They are the quickest civil heliciopters available to hire and they are the machine of choice for most VIP charters.

Large Twin Helicopters

If you are looking for a larger helicopter then we can source Eurocopter EC155, Sikorsky S76, Agusta Westland AW139 or similar. These machines can carry more passengers, or offer additional cabin space to smaller groups.


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