Light Jets


Light jets are a cost-effective air travel choice, ideal for short to mid-range trips. With impressive cabin space, light jets offer comfort and reliability without compromising on style, making them ideal for one to three hour trips.

Designed with your comfort in mind, light jets are spacious with plenty of legroom, whilst still having space for luggage, making them perfect for long weekends away.  

Faster than a turbo prop aircraft, light jets average a cruising speed of 400 knots and range of 1,700 miles, making them a perfect choice for personal or business travel.

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Popular Light Jets:


Travel in style with Cessna

As the world’s most popular light jets, Cessna’s Citation range are excellent business jets providing great value and are a stand out light aircraft.

The Citation line was designed for a single pilot, offering greater flexibility in flight operations and even equips business travellers to fly their own private jets to and from business meetings, aided with automated systems and a simple avionics system.

The Cessna range includes the aerodynamic Mustang, the latest light jet, the M2 and the large CJ2+.


Citation Mustang


Passengers: 5

Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 6in x 4ft 7in x 9ft 9in

Cruise Speed: 340kt

Max Range: 1207nm or non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Aspen

Key feature: Large storage space; including room for skis


Citation M2


Passengers: 7

Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 9in x 4ft 10in x 11ft 0in

Cruise Speed: 404kt

Max Range: 1580nm or Melbourne to Auckland

Engine type: Williams FJ44

Key feature: Sliding seats for extra headroom


Citation CJ2+


Passengers: 9

Cabin Dimensions : 4ft 9in x 4ft 10in x 13ft 7in

Cruise Speed: 418kt

Max Range: 1781nm or from Paris to St.Petersburg

Key feature: High fuel-efficiency and low operating costs


Go faster in the Phenom

High-speed, large cabin space and first-class fuel efficiency, Embraer’s award-winning Phenom range are becoming increasingly popular as the ideal private jet for travel.

With over 45 years in the aerospace industry, Embraer’s knowledge and dominance of the commercial aviation market has been transferred into their executive private jet range, encompassing the latest technology and innovation.

At the top of this range is the Phenom 300, labelled the most delivered business jet consecutively in 2013 and 2014.


Phenom 300


Passengers: 7

Cabin Dimensions: 5ft 1in x 4ft 11in x 17ft 2in

Cruise Speed: 450kt

Max Range: 1800nm or New York to Denver

Key feature: Large windows for extra light, ideal for work or reading.


Fly further with Bombardier Learjet

Designed by Canadian owned Bombardier, The Learjet range has raised the bar in light jet distance travelling.

Powerful engine design allows quick climbing performance, whilst its precise landing gear gives better access to shorter runways so you can reach more destinations by direct routes.

Proud to be at the forefront of innovation, the Learjet range includes the Learjet 70 and its larger brother, the Learjet 75.


Learjet 70


Passengers: 6

Cabin Dimensions: 5ft 1in x 5t 0in

Cruise Speed: 432kt

Max Range: 2060nm or Chicago to San Juan.

Key feature: New avionics systems for optimised pilot control, including an HD cabin management system.


Learjet 75


Passengers: 8

Cabin Dimensions: 5ft 1in x 5ft 0in

Cruise Speed: 432kt

Max Range: 2060nm or Beijing to Bangkok

Key feature: Large cabin space for passenger mobility, with extra legroom and integrated storage.

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