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When looking at private jets for shorter journeys, a turbo prop aircraft is ideal for business and personal use. Combining twin propellers and turbine engines, Turboprops have a greater fuel efficiency than their jet engine counterparts. Not only are these aircrafts more fuel efficient, turbo planes can fly from more locations, including small airports with rougher terrain.

The propeller design has increased their flexibility to reach more remote locations, allowing them to reverse, slow down and land on runways as small as 600m. The only compromise is the lower cruising speed, yet this is still 340mph.

As one of the lightest aircrafts available for private charter, turbo props are perfect for short to mid-range flights, travelling around 1,500 miles and have an average flight time of 2-3 hours.

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Popular Turbo Prop Aircraft:


Stay efficient in the King Air

Designed by Beechcraft, the King Air range is a leading the way in turboprops. Seating at least 8 passengers and holding the reputation of being the greenest aircrafts, the King Air is the world’s most popular turboprop aircraft for business travel.

Cutting edge avionic technology and oval cabin design increase passenger comfort and make this range of aircraft flexible for travel, placing it at the forefront of business jet hire. Paving the way in air travel is the King Air 350i and its impressive seating capacity, followed by smaller variants of the King Air 250 and C90GTx.


King Air 350i


Passengers: 11

Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 6in x 4ft 9in x 19ft 6in

Cruise Speed: 313kt

Max Range: 1600nm, equal to London to Moscow

Key Feature: Heated seats, Wifi and dimmable window shades.


King Air 250


Passengers: 10

Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 6in x 4ft 9in x 12ft 7in

Cruise Speed: 272kt

Max Range: 1200nm, from Hong Kong to Beijing

Key feature: Spacious seating which swivels and reclines.


King Air C90GTx


Passengers: 8

Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 6in x 4ft 9in x 12ft 7in

Cruise Speed: 272kt

Max Range: 1200nm, Vienna to Madrid

Key feature: Tuned vibration absorbers to reduce noise for a quieter and more comfortable flight.


Be prepared with the Cessna Caravan

Known for its reliability, Cessna’s Caravan is a single engine aircraft with low operating and emissions costs. It’s adaptable to rugged terrain and is well-equipped for landing and takeoff from unprepared airfields and strips.

The choice of the Caravan is becoming increasingly popular for business executives wishing to access more remote locations, as the in-built terrain awareness enhances flight controls over more difficult landscapes.


Cessna Caravan


Passengers: 14

Cabin Dimensions: 5ft 4in x 4ft 6in x 12ft 9in

Cruise Speed: 186kt

Max Range: 1070nm, Istanbul to Munich.

Key feature: Changeable seating to increase passenger or cargo capability, depending on the purpose of the flight.

Don’t lose space in the Seneca V

Efficient. Flexible. Spacious. Originally made by Piper in the 1970s, the latest Seneca V has twin turbo engines, the latest technology and the widest cabin in its class. It’s expansive doors make boarding easy, whilst the interior is furnished to the highest standard, perfect for luxury private travel.


Piper Seneca V


Passengers: 6

Cabin Dimensions: 4ft 0in x 3ft 6in x 10ft 4in

Cruise Speed: 200kt

Max Range: 828nm, from London to Budapest.

Key features: Built-in writing table and refreshment console for added flight comfort.


Get there quick with Piaggio Avanti

Italy makes fast cars but also fast planes. From the Italian company Piaggio, the Avanti is distinctive for its twin turboprop engines, which makes it the fastest twin turboprop in the world. It is even faster than some jets and has a smaller running cost. One bonus design feature is the lower interior noise due to the position of the engines behind the cabin, thus this private jet has an ideal environment for those on business trips.


Piaggio Avanti P180


Passengers: 8

Cabin Dimensions: 6ft 1in x 5ft 9in x 10ft 4in

Cruise Speed: 402kt

Max Range: 1500nm, from Quebec to Louisville, Kentucky.

Key feature: Can be flown by one or two pilots, depending on individual needs.

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